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Sirohi Goat Performance...

The Sirohi breed is native of Sirohi district in Rajasthan form where it derives its name. It is distributed over a wider area of Ajmer, Bhilwara, Tonk, Jaipur districts and nearby areas of Rajasthan and also adjoining region in northern Gujarat. The flock size varies from place to place and ranges from 10 to 200 goats. Sirohi is very potent breed and many large flocks are seen in central Uttar Pradesh also which are raised for sale of milk by traditional shepherds community who are in this business over the generations.


  • MEAT Conversion Ratio is good
  • The mortality under field conditions is very less ranging from 2 to 5%
  • Normally goats are maintained under extensive grazing system and most of the flocks are stationery.

Breed Characteristics

Size (AVG) Buck Male Does Female
Body weight (kg) 50 kg 22 kg
Body length (cm) 80 cm 60 cm


Sirohi breeds are from sirohi district of Rajasthan. The breed also extends to Palanpur in-Gujarat.

It is a medium to large sized breed having compact body and strong legs. The coat colour is predominantly brown with dark brown or tan patches of different shape and size all over the body. Face profile is straight or slightly raised. Ears are medium in length, leafy and drooping.