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Training (AGRI)...

Sheep and goat rearing is traditional occupation of economically weaker sections of society, particularly in rain shadow areas. These two species have been a major source of economic sustenance and financial cushioning, this section of society. Comparatively smaller body size, adaptability to a wide range of agro-climatic conditions, ever-increasing demand and prices for mutton/chevon have rendered them suitable for weaker sections, educated unemployed and progressive farmers.

Various banks as well as Government under various schemes provide financial assistance to the farmers and small entrepreneurs for starting sheep/ goat rearing. To enable the farmers/new entrepreneurs to start the business based on scientific knowledge and also to get maximum benefit from sheep & goat rearing, these institutes demand for a training certificate in this subject.

Considering the importance of Sheep & Goat Management Training, Aadhar Goat Resarch Institute (AGRI) has started providing Sheep & Goat Management Training at all the farms as well as at the our farm located in Maharasthra, Dist-Sangli, Tal-Kavathe mahankal, Borgaon.

Our Training Programs

  • Introduction about Livestock
  • Goat & Sheep Breeds
  • Sheep & Goat Management Systems
  • Housing Management of Sheep & Goat
  • Feeding Management of Sheep & Goat
  • Reproduction in Sheep & Goat
  • Management of lams/kids
  • Common Diseases of sheep/goats
  • Disease Preventive measures
  • Insurance of animals
  • Transportation and sale of Sheep & Goats
  • Record Keeping
  • Project Reports