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Osmanabadi Goat Performance...

The breed derives it same form its habitat Osmanabad in Maharashtra where it is found in most pure form.

The breed is mainly concentrated and found in Latur, Parbhani, Ahamednagar and Solanpur district of Maharashtra besides Osmanabad. It has spread over a wide range of agro- climatic conditions in Vidharva, Marathwada, western – Maharshtra and adjoining parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The breed is considered useful both for meat and milk. Average daily yield varies from 0.5 to 1.5 kg for a lactation length of about 4 months. The dressing percentage varies from 45 to 50. In favorable conditions the does will breed regularly twice a year and twinning is common.


  • Osmanabadi goats can accommodate easily in any part of india.
  • Fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio
  • Twining is common. Triplest and quadruplets may also occurs.
  • Osmanabadi goats are known due to their reproductive capacity and yeilding milk.

Breed Characteristics

Size (AVG) Buck Male Does Female
Body weight (kg) 34 kg 32 kg
Body length (cm) 68 cm 66 cm
Chest girth (cm) 72 cm 71 cm


Osmanabadi breeds are found in Latur. Tuljapur and Udgir taluks of Osmanabad district of Maharashtra.
Osmanabadi is a medium sized breed with comparatively long body and long legs. The body colour is mostly black but some animals with white patches on ears, neck and sometimes on body are also found. The hair coat is short and shinning.